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When to stop taking birth control if you want to get pregnant

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So you’ve decided to start trying to have a baby! But what if you’re on birth control? Find out the right time to stop using contraceptive methods in the article below.

If you’re using natural birth control methods that don’t disrupt your hormones, you can generally start trying to conceive right away! These birth control methods include condoms, copper IUDs, birth control apps, and more. If you are struggling with infertility, consider using fertility trackers, getting your hormones tested, and maintaining a healthy diet. To learn more about infertility, check out this article.

Can hormonal birth control cause infertility?

The short answer: no. Studies have not shown that taking the pill or other forms of hormonal birth control can cause infertility. However, it could take up to three months to start having regular periods again and birth control can have many other side effects that extend beyond your menstrual cycle.

Birth Control Pill

Most women can get pregnant within a year of stopping birth control, and it is advised that you start after getting regular periods, which can take around 3 months. If you are using a progestin-only pill, you may be able to start trying within days and weeks of stopping birth control.Woman Pill

Hormonal IUDs

Studies have shown that using the hormonal IUD can allow you to get pregnant quicker than birth control pills as 96& of couples can conceive within 12 months. Using a copper IUD could shorten the time even more as it does not release hormones and disrupt hormonal balance.

After a Tubal Ligation

While tubal ligations are considered to be permanent, there is a chance that you can get them reversed, and the same holds true for vasectomies. Studies have shown that 31-90% of women can conceive after getting them reversed, although it depends on the extent to which the tubes have been closed/damaged.


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