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Emotional Tips to Support You During Your Fertility Journey

Emotional Tips to Support You During Your Fertility Journey

Fertility journeys can be stressful and take their toll on our mental health, so today at Hormone University we are discussing some emotional tips to support you throughout your journey. From being optimistic to finding a support group, read all about them below!

Emotional Tip to Support You During Your Fertility Journey #1: Be optimistic


If you are having a difficult or long fertility journey, do not tend towards feelings of giving up or losing hope. Being optimistic can be a driving force behind motivating you to keep trying and seeking out your different options for an increased chance of conceiving. In a study of women who had a planned pregnancy, 30-44% explained that it took longer than they expected to get pregnant.

Emotional Tip to Support You During Your Fertility Journey #2: Face the problem directly


When we face a problem directly and are involved in learning more about it and making decisions, it can help us to cope with any potential consequences. Shying away from a potential problem can increase stress in the future, while addressing something early and making decisions on how you want to deal with it can help you to gain a sense of control.

You can only control certain aspects of your fertility journey as there are many things that you cannot. Something that might help is knowing what you can control, and doing your best to control them, and understanding what is uncontrollable, and not stressing about these things as you can have no part in changing them.

Emotional Tip to Support You During Your Fertility Journey #3: Join a support group or online community


Your fertility journey may be long and, at times, confusing. Becoming part of a support group of women who are experiencing the same challenges can help you feel less lonely and you can also learn from other women. You can learn others’ tips and tricks and have a sense of support along the way. In-person support groups are a great option, but also are online communities dedicated to women embarking on their fertility journey.

Emotional Tip to Support You During Your Fertility Journey #4: Manage stress


Our stress can increase to high levels, and this can have adverse effects on our bodies that will actually make becoming pregnant more difficult. Therefore, it is very important to manage your stress levels throughout your fertility journey.

To manage your stress, find hobbies or exercises that you find relaxing. This could include meditation, yoga, taking a hot bath, going for a walk or a multitude of other activities. The important thing is that you find time to look after yourself and your mental health.

Emotional Tip to Support You During Your Fertility Journey #5: Don’t blame yourself or your partner


If a fertility journey turns out to be longer or more difficult than expected, remember that it is no one’s fault. If both you and your partner are both trying your best to conceive and for some reason it is not happening right away, there is no one to blame for that. Becoming pregnant can take years, so it is important to be patient and not blame yourself or your partner for a long journey.


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