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Natural ways to increase your chance of conceiving

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If you’re struggling to conceive, know that you are not alone. More people suffer from infertility than you think. 

Here are some natural tips that could help increase your fertility chances!


Several studies have shown that those who incorporate antioxidant-rich foods in their diet could have better chances of conceiving. Folate and Zinc can help deactivate free radicals in the body, thus reducing the risk of damaging sperm or egg cells.

Trans Fats

Fats often have a negative connotation, but eating healthy fats is extremely important to ensure the body functions properly. Unsaturated fats are usually beneficial to your health, but a diet that is too high in trans fats can increase risk of infertility. Trans fats are commonly found in vegetable oil, fried foods, and processed foods, which can increase insulin sensitivity and negatively impact ovulation. Thus, reducing trans fats could be beneficial for fertility.


Especially if you have PCOS, reducing carbs can help reduce insulin levels and maintain a healthy weight, allowing for more regular menstrual cycles and ovulation. Refined carbs, which are often found in sugary foods and processed grains, can increase blood sugar and insulin levels. In turn, higher insulin levels can lead to less production of reproductive hormones, reducing egg quality and ovulation.


Studies have shown that moderate physical activity can be beneficial for fertility, as well as many other aspects of your health. However, excess exercise can lead to irregular cycles, increase cortisol levels, and even make amenorrhea (the absence of periods) more likely, so make sure you do not overexert yourself!woman exercising to increase fertility


Limiting caffeine and alcohol are often recommended by experts to lead a healthier lifestyle and potentially boost fertility chances. Reducing stress through gentle exercise or other relaxation methods can help you hormones be more balanced as well. Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle can have numerous benefits that extend beyond fertility too!

Natural supplements

Some experts suggest that natural supplements such as maca and bee pollen can increase male fertility and sperm quality, while bee propolis can help women with endometriosis have a higher chance of conceiving. Always consult your physician before making final decisions!


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