Books and Resources for treating Endometriosis

Here is a list of books and resources our founder Ana recommends when going through endometriosis.


Vagina Problems – Lara Parker


This memoir from Lara Parker, the deputy director of Buzzfeed, explores the challenges of living with endometriosis, especially in a corporate environment. Read for an honest account of the struggles of day to day life with a chronic illness, as Parker navigates a world of medical professionals who simply say “it’s just cramps”.


The 4-Week Endometriosis Diet Plan: 75 Healing Recipes to Relieve Symptoms and Regain Control of Your Life – Katie Edmonds


Addressing endometriosis from a nutrition perspective, Edmonds’s book designs a 4-week program meant to reduce pain and bloating, balance blood sugar, and more. If you need help creating a meal-plan suited for endometriosis, check it out!


The Endometriosis Health and Diet Program: Get Your Life Back – Dr. Andrew Cook


Dr. Cook analyzes endometriosis from a holistic perspective, dispelling myths about this common disorder and providing scientifically proven tips to manage your health. Learn how to adapt your lifestyle to reduce symptoms with endo-friendly stress reduction, gentle exercise, and diets.


Endometriosis: A Key to Healing Through Nutrition – Dian Shepperson Mills, Michael Vernon


Nutrition can play a key role in reducing your endometriosis symptoms if you understand which foods to eat and avoid, along with how diet can affect your body. This book will inform you about the importance of a healthy diet and provide great recommendations for meal plans and recipes.


Nancy’s Nook – Nancy Peterson


This endometriosis learning library is full of great resources that will help you on your journey! Along with articles, podcasts, and webinars discussing the different aspects of endometriosis, you can find patients’ stories that share what they learned throughout their experience.



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