Let’s talk about Endo Belly

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When it comes to endo belly, diet and gut health is an essential component to pay attention to. The “endo diet” or an anti-inflammatory diet are regularly recommended to endo patients: These diets generally eliminate alcohol, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, red meat, preservatives, artificial sugars, and caffeine.

Some women report experiencing less endo belly with diets such keto, dairy free, paleo or low carb. However, Dr. karli Goldstein OD says: “There’s no one diet for endo, she stresses. “You have to see what’s best for you and what you react to.”

How can a stool test help?

  • Gut health Tests such as  @biohmhealth and @thryveinside help offer insight into your intestinal health how your body processes food.
  • Endometriosis patients can be more sensitive in regards to how their intestines and gut process things, Dr. Goldstein says. Endo belly could be a side effect of the intestines working overtime.

What about a Hormone Test?

  • Hormonal tests such as the @dutch test can also help you better understand your body and indicate any imbalances you may be experiencing due to health conditions, changes in your diet  or digestive system, etc.  

The best way to find your version of this diet is to start with an elimination diet, slowly add things back in, and note when the endo belly pops up. Try eliminating those foods going forward. 

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a health condition.

Credits: @endofound @healthline 



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