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How your blood sugar levels might be influencing your PMS and PMDD symptoms

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Have you found yourself craving sugar lately? Does your sweet tooth resurge when you’re experiencing PMS symptoms? Keep reading to learn how blood sugar could be connected to PMS!

The blood sugar and PMS connection

If you are eating high amounts of sugary foods, there might be high amounts of glucose, which need insulin to be converted into energy. High blood sugar can have many side effects such as inflammation and tissue damage, often leading to fatigue and “sugar-crashes”. If insulin regularly needs to be released in high amounts, oestrogen and testosterone levels can potentially rise, which can intensify PMS symptoms.

Furthermore, fluctuating blood sugar levels can trigger the release of cortisol, the stress hormone, and progesterone, an extremely important reproductive hormone for fertility. If too much progesterone is being used to balance blood sugar levels, there might not be enough left to ensure proper ovulation and support fertility. Blood Sugar

How high blood sugar could be increasing your PMS symptoms

Due to the hormonal imbalance that high/varying blood sugar levels can cause, PMS symptoms may worsen or be intensified. Many women experience more sugar cravings during PMS and have more fatigue and stress. Regulating blood sugar levels is important to help balance these hormones and potentially relieve symptoms.

Tips to regulate your blood sugar

Limiting foods with refined sugar, limiting alcohol and caffeine, and trying to eat whole foods can help you regulate your blood sugar. Exercise, sleep, and trying to reduce stress are all great holistic ways to help you live a healthier lifestyle as well!

If you’re concerned about how your blood sugar levels are impacting PMS symptoms, consult your physician about the best steps to take!



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