Easy Ways to Reduce Risk of Hormonal Imbalance from Plastic Exposure

A woman holding a plastic bag and a mesh bag

Check out these easy tips from @treehuggerdotcom to reduce your plastic use and risk of hormonal imbalances:

Bring your own reusable shopping bag

  • Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year (yes, billions.) The average American family takes home almost 1,500 plastic shopping bags a year. Disposable shopping bags have been banned in a number of cities, like San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Opt for refillable bottles instead of bottled water

  • Plastic bottles contain many chemicals, some of which interfere with hormones in the body (bisphenol-A, or BPA, and phthalates, among others) Chemicals in the plastic can leach into bottled water, especially when exposed to heat or when the bottle is old.

Bring your own thermos when you buy coffee

  • Disposable coffee cups might look like paper but they’re usually lined with polyethylene, a type of plastic resin. In theory these materials can be recycled, but most places lack the infrastructure to do so. Then there are lids, stirrers, and coffee vendors that still use polystyrene foam cups—which can all be avoided with your own mug.

Choose cardboard over plastic bottles and bags

  • Generally speaking, it’s easier to recycle cardboard than plastic, plus paper products tend to biodegrade more easily without adding a lot of weight to the product the way glass or aluminum can. So, when you have the choice, pick pasta in the box instead of pasta in a bag, or detergent in the box instead of the bottle. 

Say no to straws

  • Whether for home use or when you’re ordering a drink at a bar or restaurant, plastic straws are often a single-use item that’s just not necessary.

Ditch the disposable razor

  • Instead of tossing a plastic razor in the trash every month, consider switching to a razor that lets you replace just the blade or even a straight razor.

Rethink your food storage

  • Plastic baggies, plastic wrap, and plastic storage containers are worth re-evaluating. Instead of throwing away plastic zipper bags or wrapping things in Saran wrap, try using  jars or glass containers in the fridge 

Shop in bulk

  • For many households, the majority of plastic waste is generated in the kitchen. So one of the best ways to reduce the packaging waste madness is to bring your own bags and containers and stock up on bulk foods


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