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Natural tips to get your period back

Tips to get back your period

Going through Amenorrhea can be a confusing and difficult process, so we are here to help you understand what your treatment options are! Keep reading to learn about natural methods to get your period back!

Eat sufficiently and healthily

Following an unhealthy diet or not eating enough can have detrimental effects to your health and disrupt hormone levels, causing irregular periods and potentially, amenorrhea. Eating well will give your body the energy it needs to process your foods and stimulate the hypothalamus to release necessary hormones that are integral to having proper menstrual cycles. Avoiding processed foods as much as possible and eating healthy will aid this process as well.

Healthy Meals

Reduce intensive exercise

Intensive exercise is one of the main causes of Amenorrhea, and overexercising can increase cortisol levels, disrupting your hormonal balance. If overexercising is continuous and your cortisol levels are at high levels for extended periods of time, it may prohibit the hypothalamus from releasing the necessary hormones for adequate menstruation.

Manage stress levels

Other than reducing exercise, there are a multitude of ways to help you regulate your cortisol, or stress, hormones. Doing gentle exercise like yoga, taking warm baths, setting aside time for relaxation, and journaling can help you manage your emotions and reduce stress. In turn, this can help the body stimulate reproductive hormones and regain your period.

young woman practicing yoga ardha matsyendrasana

Supplement options

Some experts also suggest that eating flax seeds can help you maintain regular cycles, reduce stress, and reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. Ashwagandha may be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety as well. If you are seeking specific medications, be sure to consult your physician on the best step to take.


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