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Turmeric as a Treatment for PMS

Turmeric pieces

Turmeric is much more than a wonderful cooking spice. Throughout history, turmeric has been used for ayurvedic purposes and studies have shown that including it in your diet can have numerous health benefits, including reducing PMS symptoms.

A recent study has shown that when individuals supplemented their diet with curcumin, a compound found in turmeric, they experienced fewer PMS symptoms. This included a more balanced mood with less irritability and anxiety along with fewer cramps, headaches, and less fatigue.

Many experts attribute this correlation to the anti-inflammatory effects of Turmeric, which eases not only menstrual symptoms, but protects against heart disease and cancer. Other contributing benefits of this spice may be its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that boost your immune system and its gut healing mechanism that can protect against conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.Turmeric: Treatmen for PMS

So how can you incorporate Turmeric into your lifestyle to experience these benefits?

Including turmeric in your everyday diet through cooking can be a great way to be exposed to the spice and its benefits. Taking turmeric with black pepper is also highly recommended by experts as it increases absorbability to maximize benefits. Turmeric tea, Turmeric dressing, and turmeric soup are all great ways to incorporate the spice into your diet as well!

For those with severe PMS, it may be best to take turmeric supplements that contain curcumin in them in order to get a higher dosage. By taking supplements twice a day about a week before menstruation and until the middle of your period, some experts say you may be able to reduce PMS symptoms.


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