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How postpartum depression treatment benefits babies

benefits of treating postpartum depression

A new study from McMaster University has shown that treating postpartum depression could have beneficial effects for not only mothers, but their newborn babies as well. Learn more about the connection and its potential benefits for the future below!

Benefits for babies of treatment of postpartum depression

Although an estimated 1 in 4 women face postpartum depression in their lives, many do not choose to seek treatment during their journey. However, a recent study has shown that psychiatric treatment of postpartum depression could have benefits that extend beyond the mother’s few months of postpartum symptoms.

Postpartum therapy and babies

The study found that treating such mothers with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) could help babies have healthier nervous and cardiovascular systems, allowing them to be more in control of their own behaviors and emotions.

Children of mothers who have faced postpartum depression may be more likely to develop emotional or behavioral problems in the future. However, the results of the new study shows that infants whose mothers received CBT had the same brain activity as healthy babies, revealing that CBT for postpartum depression could potentially improve infant behavior in the long term as well!


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