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What is hypnobirthing? Key tips to prepare for birth


Hypnobirthing can sound more fancy and complicated than it actually is. Keep reading to understand what it’s all about and how it can help you prepare for birth!

What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a technique that has recently gained popularity, in which women use relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques to calm their mind and body in preparation for birth. Many experts claim that practicing hypnobirthing can reduce anxiety, fear, and pain during labor, in order to allow for a smoother, more pain-free birthing process.

woman giving birth and hypnobirthing

Benefits of hypnobirthing

As a natural, chemical-free form of pain management, hypnobirthing can help you be emotionally and mentally prepared for birth. Because of this, many women report feeling less pain and anxiety during labor, often resulting in a smoother process. Along with relaxing mothers during birth, hypnobirthing can also have benefits after birth, and some women report having fewer symptoms of postpartum depression.

How to practice

Controlled Breathing

Controlled breathing is one of the oldest and most common relaxation exercises. Focusing on breathing deeply and following a count such as in for four and out for eight can help take your mind off pain during labor and relax your body.

controlled breathing during pregnancy

Positive Thoughts

Framing your experiences with positive words and thoughts can help your brain react more positively to the process of childbirth. Repeating positive affirmations and using positive adjectives can help you come to terms with labor as well.


Some experts also recommend visualization, during which you imagine positive images or settings that help take your mind off the pain. This can be similar to meditation, and help you relax and manage pain during labor.



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