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Physical and emotional tips for postpartum recovery

Physical and emotional tips for postpartum recovery

Postpartum recovery often isn’t given the importance and treatment it deserves. Going through postpartum can be a not only physically, but mentally trying process, and we are here to help you navigate the journey!

After delivery, you may face symptoms such as bleeding, backaches, sore breasts, and perineum pain, which take time to heal and your body returns to normal. Depending on the type of birth you had and whether you had vaginal tears, recovery can take up to six weeks.

postpartum recovery

Some tips for pospartum recovery

Care for your perineum

The perineum involves the area of skin that got stretched/torn while giving birth, so it is important to take care of it and help it heal during the postpartum period. Icing your perineum every few hours for the first day and spraying warm water over the area can help reduce general skin irritation. Sleeping on your side can also help relax the skin instead of sitting or standing too much.

Massage your breasts

As your breasts will likely be sore during this time, massaging them, placing a warm compress on them, or icing them, can help relax the body and soothe irritated or engorged skin. This could promote easier breastfeeding as well without being too hard on your breasts/nipples. In general, body massages can help reduce back aches and ease other pains as well.

Eat well

Eating five small meals during the day can help you reduce fatigue, and eating foods high in fiber will help prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. Drinking lots of water and avoiding caffeine and alcohol can help your body better adjust to a cycle too, aiding you on the road to recovery.

Do gentle exercise

While it’s important to not overexert yourself during this time, small, gentle exercise can boost your mood and reduce depression symptoms. Taking walks around the house and the neighborhood is enough to get your body moving, which can reduce constipation, boost circulation and muscle tone, speed recovery, and boost your mood.

gentle exercise for new mothers



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