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The next steps to healing after pregnancy loss

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Pregnancy loss is an incredibly difficult process to go through, both emotionally and physically.  If you’ve experienced miscarriage or pregancy loss, here are some tips to be aware of to help you heal! 

What happens after a miscarriage: After a miscarriage, especially if it is not a complete one, your body needs time to resume back to normal. You might experience some bleeding and cramps as your uterus contracts to push out menstrual tissue. If you haven’t started passing the tissue within 24 hours, it may be time to consult your physician about taking medication or undergoing a minor surgery called D&T.

Tips to emotionally heal:

Take time to grieve: Make sure you spend enough time focusing on self care and don’t be afraid to take time off to process your grief. It’s okay not to be normal immediately. Do not disregard your emotions and know that they are valid and real. Then, try to focus your attention on the other wonderful aspects of your life. Come to terms with your experience, and use it as an opportunity to rise up stronger.

Rely on others for support: Whether you know it or not, there is an entire community out there that is here to support you. Don’t go through the loss alone. Discuss your feelings with your partner, friends, or family and let them support you through this process. If you are uncomfortable talking about your experience in person, there are many online support groups where you can meet incredible women who know what it feels like. And if you are still unable to feel better, try counseling or going to a therapist to better understand your emotions.Woman being conforted after pregnancy loss

Don’t lose hope: Most women who have miscarriages can still get pregnant again and have a healthy baby. In fact, most miscarriages are not due to any mistakes on the part of the mother, but genetic abnormalities. Focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting treated for underlying health conditions. But whether you are able to get pregnant or not, remember that there are so many other sources of joy in your life. Appreciate your gifts!



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