The Health Benefits of Sex

Beyond making you feel good, sex has many other health benefits as well. Here are a few important examples!


Improves Immune Health: Studies have shown that more sexually active individuals are less likely to get sick. These people can have higher levels of antibodies that protect them from getting illnesses, and often had sex 1-2 times a week. That being said, eating healthy and getting exercise are also great ways to boost your immune health.

Boosts Libido:  Having sex can increase your vaginal lubrication, elasticity, and blood flow, which helps increase your libido and makes sex more enjoyable. Being in a positive, safe environment can also increase libido in women.

Lowers Blood Pressure: Many studies have linked sex to lower systolic blood pressure as well, which can decrease your risk of heart disease. By raising your heart rate and helping your estrogen and testosterone levels be balanced, sex can count as a small form of exercise and reduce risks of heart attacks in both men and women.

Eases Stress: Sex stimulates feelings of bonding and intimacy and releases oxytocin, which reduces stress and anxiety. This can help boost your mood and allow you to sleep better as well!

Reduces Pain: Orgasms release natural pain-relieving hormones, so it helps raise your pain threshold. Having sex can block pain and ease menstrual cramps, headaches, or even chronic back pain. Increased sex can strengthen your pelvic floor, making sex less painful, and allowing for more bladder control.




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