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Social Impact

Hormone University is committed to creating a positive social impact to our community and beyond. We have partnered with to promote women’s access to sustainable menstrual care products. We welcome partnerships and sponsorships with organizations and businesses that offer clean and sustainable hormonal health products so we can help our community.

We hope that Hormone University will be a useful tool for you to access knowledge for menstrual care and hormonal health through stories shared by other women
and experts in the field.

Did you know?

  • Currently 35 states view Menstrual Care as luxury goods and impose a sales tax, also known as the “tampon tax,” on menstrual hygiene products.
  • A survey of low-income women in a large U.S. city finds that nearly two-thirds couldn’t afford menstrual hygiene products such as tampons or pads during the previous year.
  • The brand Thinx has also found that one in five teens have struggled to afford, or not been able to purchase period products, and 25% have missed class because of lack of access to period products.
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